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Effingham Road Home is located at
1200 N. Fourth Street, Suite 104
Effingham, IL 62401

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Frequently Asked Questions About Effingham Road Home

Effingham Team


“We are proud to help the men and women of central Illinois returning home from the battlefield and military service on their path to wellness and reintegration”.

  • Effingham Road Home is headed by Dr. Blake Schroedter, a clinical psychologist, combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan and a central Illinois native.
  • Team member Patricia McDaniel is a licensed clinical social worker and a Gulf War veteran who retired from the Army as a master sergeant.

Both are part of a passionate and dedicated team of mental health specialists, trained in military culture and skilled in the evaluation and treatment of PTSD, MST and other conditions affecting veterans. Together they have helped hundreds of veterans and family members and they look forward to helping you.