Family Care

An interview with Dr. Niranjan Karnik

Family Trauma

The road home is a family affair. Being at war can profoundly change people. When your loved one comes home changed, you want to help. No family should be alone while helping a loved one.

The Road Home is committed to serving veterans’ families through care and support. Our family care helps guide spouses, children, parents, significant others and siblings through the reintegration process. We welcome all veterans’ family members, whether or not their vets are ready to get help at this time.

Rebuilding families

Family Center One of the goals of Road Home’s family care is to help rebuild and strengthen your family. We take the time to understand your unique situation, and we tailor our care to best serve your family’s needs.

We will help figure out new everyday patterns and relationship roles to help your family get back on track.

Caring for your children

Veterans’ children can face a number of challenges and suffer with symptoms of their own. However, children have a lot of resiliency; with good care, your children can bounce back.

Our dedicated team will work with you and your children to individualize care to address both behavioral and physical concerns.

Supporting your vet

Our dedication to serving veterans’ families is also good for the veterans themselves. Treating veterans’ families and helping them get stronger will lessen veterans’ symptoms of PTSD and help them heal faster.

Survivor counseling

Talking with a professional who understands the survivor experience can be helpful. While we cannot change what happened, we can help you answer questions, understand the emotions you are experiencing and guide you in building a foundation for healing and support.