Integrative Care

The Road Home Program believes that to truly reduce the symptoms of trauma we must first restore the mind, body and spirit connection. We provide specialized training that allows each veteran to heal in a holistic manner. Our multidisciplinary team includes mindfulness, wellness, resiliency and fitness specialists who address the physiological as well as the psychological effects of trauma with a body of knowledge and clinical expertise that has changed the lives of hundreds of veterans.

As veterans learn to draw on their own strength and resiliency, we instill a full-spectrum of mindfulness skills and relaxation techniques designed to move each veteran forward – instead of being controlled by past trauma. And each veteran takes home a comprehensive set of tools, insights, and resources to sustain them when their return home.

Learn more in these videos.

An interview with Dr. Patricia Normand

Mindful Yoga
An interview with Rebekah Marcano

Nutrition and Exercise
An interview with Jennifer Ventrelle