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Reg McCutcheon and Will Beiersdorf join Lisa Fielding on WBBM Newsradio (780AM) to discuss this week’s Difference Maker: Road Home Program at Rush.

October 10 and October 14, 2023

Reg and Shana McCutcheon share their inspiring journey on the Steve Cochran Show, WLS-AM (890). Reg transitioned from 34 years of military service to become a therapist dedicated to helping fellow veterans. Shana convinced him to reach out to seek help himself. Together they bring incredible insight into facing the effects of trauma as a team.

September 6, 2023

Mathius Carter (Outreach Coordinator) and Matt O’Shea (19th Ward Alderman) appear on Fox 32 to discuss the return of Operation Help A Hero, a month long awareness program to support the Road Home Program’s mission to improve the mental health of veterans and service members.

JUNE 19, 2023

Ashton Kroner, Outreach Services Manager, publishes an op-ed in Ms. Magazine underscoring the urgent need to take a zero-tolerance policy toward military sexual harassment and assault and address the trauma, lack of trust and fear of retaliation in survivors with evidence-based treatment and support.

APRIL 14, 2023

Riverside Township Mental Health Board presents moderator Dr. Joe Troiani, PhD as he interviews Denise Dailey, Psy. D. and Brian Klassen, PhD both of the Road Home Program and Megan Mayberry, PhD of the Edward Hines VA in a program called Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Veterans in Our Community. This wide-ranging and insightful conversation ranges from an overview of the mental health challenges that veterans face, overcoming the stigma of seeking help and the support resources available to veterans and their families.

FEBRUARY 27, 2023

Jim Williams of WBBM Chicago interviews Reg McCutcheon, former Lt. Colonial U.S. Air Force and a therapist who received therapy himself at the IOP. Jim also interviews Reg’s wife, Shana, and tours the Road Home Program with Will Beiersdorf to discuss the impact of the Intensive Outpatient Program.

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

NWI Times article shares the inspiring story of former POW Jessica Lynch. Will Beiersdorf and Jessica Lynch were keynote speakers at the Dinner for Veterans tribute and fundraiser, hosted by the Disabled American Veterans Indiana Chapter at the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana.

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

Ashton Kroner, Veteran Outreach Manager, shares her story with Visible Magazine. From going on ground patrol as a member of Team Lioness, 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Al-Taqqadum Air Base in Iraq to the emotional roller coaster of her return home, Ashton eventually finds herself, and her purpose, mentoring fellow veterans affected by PTSD.

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

Reg McCutcheon and his wife, Shana are interviewed in the Chicago Sun Times. After 34 years of service, Reg became a therapist working with veterans struggling to readjust to civilian life when he recognized an unexpected patient who needed professional help: himself.

NOVEMBER 10, 2022

Art therapy allows veterans to reveal what their PTSD looks like. Fox News interviews Stephanie Clark, Art Therapist, Brian Klassen, Clinical Director, and Teri Studer, Navy veteran and survivor of military sexual assault, as Teri describes mask-making as a therapeutic tool that helps her visualize and express the complex emotions brought on by her PTSD.

JUNE, 2022

CNN profiles Growing Forward, a cumulative trauma treatment program developed for Rush nurses impacted with pandemic trauma by Mark Schimmelpfennig and Kim Sangster similar to treatment given to combat soldiers experiencing grief and PTSD.


Mark Schimmelpfennig (Chaps) appears on NPR’s Here and Now with Catherine King to discuss a program he co-created to help nurses process the emotional trauma brought on by the pandemic.


Dr. Brian Klassen, Clinical Director, and Ashton Kroner, Outreach Coordinator, are featured in a Fox News Special Report: The Invisible Wounds of War.


Dr. Blake Schroedter, Road Home Effingham, is interviewed by the I-Team at ABC Eyewitness News following the American exodus from Afghanistan.

AUGUST, 2021

“Did my service make a difference?” Ashton Kroner answers the question asked by many OEF veterans for the Chicago Tribune.

AUGUST, 2021

COVID-19 Pandemic Has Shifted How Veterans Access Health Care


Modie Lavin, Outreach Coordinator, is named Difference Maker of the Week, WBBM NEWSRADIO.


Dr. Jennifer Coleman publishes “We Should Do Something Different and Honor the Vets Who Served Us.” THE HILL.


Dr. Rebecca Van Horn, Medical Director, is interviewed by Mike Puccinelli, CBS CHICAGO.


Dr. Mike Brennan, Clinical Director of the IOP, is interviewed by John Howard, WLS AM RADIO.

JUNE. 2019

Dr. Rebecca Van Horn, Medical Director, is interviewed by Sally Schulz, Good Day Chicago on Fox 32.

JUNE, 2019

Will Beiersdorf and Thad Rydberg are interviewed by Susan Wiencek, host of Hubbard Helps.


Will Beiersdorf, Executive Director, is interviewed by Nick Digilio, WGN RADIO.


Mark Schimmelpfennig, Chaplain and director of Spiritual Care, is interviewed in The Companion.


Blake Schroedter discusses the value of telemedicine with Healthcare Analytics News.

APRIL, 2018

To Modie Lavin, Memorial Day is sacred. She talks about her work with veterans, ABC CHICAGO.

MAY, 2017

Will Beiersdorf, Executive Director, talks about the history of Road Home with Nick Digilio, WGN RADIO.


Charles Jolie describes the innovative care patients receive at Road Home as “PTSD boot camp.”

AUGUST, 2016

Dr. Niranjan Karnik discusses the challenges of PTSD on Focus and Family, WGN TV.

JULY, 2016

William Beiersdorf, Executive Director, is named one of five Chicagoans of the year by Chicago Magazine.


Dr. Mark Pollack, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry, and Terri Tanielian of Rand Corporation are interviewed in THE HILL.

JUNE, 2014

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