Veterans Day
Situation Report:
At Road Home, every day is Veterans Day

Since the September 11, 2001 attacks on our country, the U.S. Armed Forces have been actively involved in responding and defending us from additional attacks. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and other engagements throughout the world have required our military men and women to be deployed multiple times and for prolonged periods.

As a veteran myself, serving in Operations Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom, I saw firsthand the challenges a veteran faces. The impact on the family that you leave behind while you’re deployed, only increases the level of stress.

That’s where the Road Home Program: The Center of Excellence for Veterans and Their Families at Rush comes into play. The Road Home Program is an essential partner with our veteran community. Our team of veterans, social workers, psychiatrists and physical medicine doctors all specialize in the distinct challenges facing returning veterans.

At the same time, we are equally committed to providing veterans’ families with the care and support they need. The stress and fatigue our veterans’ families face in supporting their veteran loved ones is overwhelming. We understand that they need support as they seek ways to save and help their loved ones. We also extend our care to veterans’ children.

Since the center opened in March 2014, we have helped numerous veterans and their family members. Veterans have ranged in age from young veterans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan to Vietnam veterans who are recently retired and recognizing that they need to deal with demons that have been haunting them for decades.

It takes courage to seek help. And we’ve got your back.

William Beiersdorf
Will Beiersdorf is the executive director of the Road Home Program. Contact Will at Meet the entire team of the Road Home Program.

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